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Cannabis Candy & Gummies

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Cannabis Candy & Gummies

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Cannabis Candy & Gummies

Magnum Clear Sphere (MOTA) – THC


Cannabis Candy & Gummies

Watermelon Jellies (MOTA) – CBD


Cannabis Edibles

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Cannabis Candy & Gummies

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Gummies (Bliss) – 1080mg


Buy Cannabis Edibles Online in Burnaby

Edibles are the most delicious form of cannabis products available on the market. Any type of food that has been infused or combined with some form of cannabis is considered to be an edible. Cannabis extracts such as shatter, tinctures, and budder are usually mixed in with fat-soluble bases like oils to create baked goods, candy, chocolate and more.  

Not only do they taste great, but they’re carefully formulated and portioned so that every bite offers a precisely measured dose of its exclusive strain. You can either buy cannabis edibles online in Canada or try to make your very own at home. Both THC and CBD options are available when it comes to edibles.  

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Types of Edibles

Buying cannabis edibles online in Canada has its perks when it comes to variety. Some of the most popular types of cannabis products include:

    • Candy: From gummies to lollipops, candy products come in an unlimited number of flavours. They’re infused with some form of THC or CBD. These types of products are the most common to find. 
    • Baked Goods: This includes brownies, cookies, and even cakes! Baked good type products are made fresh with cannabis infused butter and only the best ingredients. 
    • Beverages: Instead of eating cannabis, you can quench your thirst by drinking it instead. Find a variety of fruit or pop-flavoured cannabis infused beverages.  
    • Chocolate: The perfect combination of velvety, creamy goodness and cannabis. It can be made with a variety of extracts including shatter, tinctures and distillates that practically melt in your mouth.  
    • Capsules: These are the most suitable forms of cannabis for those who prefers not to consume any more sugar. They’re pill or capsule forms of cannabis that can either be swallowed or combined with food

Benefits of Cannabis Edibles

THC & CBD edibles are popular for a reason; they taste great and provide an array of benefits such as:  

  • Masking The Taste of Cannabis Not everyone likes the taste of cannabis and edibles are the perfect way to hide the taste without having to sacrifice the experience.
  • Easy Consumption – Just sit back and relax, all you need to do is eat or drink the edible. You don’t need any excessive tools or rolling paper when it comes to consuming cannabis edibles.
  • No Smell You don’t have to worry about the smell of cannabis permeating throughout your home or sticking to your clothes and hair. Depending on the strength of your edibles, they can be practically scentless.

Edibles at Burnaby Buds

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