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Cannabis Candy & Gummies

Hard Candies (Medicated Edibles)


Cannabis Candy & Gummies

Jellies (MOTA) – 1:1


Cannabis Candy & Gummies

Magnum Clear Sphere (MOTA) – THC


Cannabis Candy & Gummies

Watermelon Jellies (MOTA) – CBD


Cannabis Candy & Gummies

Dweebs (MOTA) – THC


Cannabis Candy & Gummies

Gummies (Bliss) – 375mg


Cannabis Candy & Gummies

Gummies (Canndy Edibles) – 200mg


Buy Weed Gummies Online Canada THC & CBD Gummies  

Cannabis Candy & Gummies are also commonly referred to as soft chews. Out of all the edibles out in the market, weed gummies are most likely one of the top favourites. They’re nostalgic in the sense that they remind us of our favourite gummy candies from childhood. They’re known for their great taste, along with their chewy soft texture. They are easy to consume, discrete and perfect for on-the-go dosing. Normally they’re sold in packs, but each serving contains a specific amount of either THC or CBD. Another perk to weed gummies is that they’re suitable for everyone! If you’re a beginner, you can find weed gummies starting at only 5mg per serving. Weed gummies are made with a number of different strains providing users with experiences and effects unique to the strain.

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Benefits of Weed Gummies

Why should you try weed gummies? Because they’re made with only top-quality ingredients and provide many great benefits to their users. Here are some of those benefits:

  • Easy To Dose – The THC or CBD content is pre-measured to ensure exact dosing each time. 
  • Scent Free & Portable They’re discreet and have no scent, easily pop a pack in your bag and be on your way. 
  • Tons of Flavours Whether you like cherry, strawberry or mango there are a ton of flavours everyone can enjoy.  
  • Potent & Effective – Weed gummies are known to be stronger than cannabis flower since they’re made with a concentrated form of THC or CBD oil.  

How to Store Weed Gummies 

Storing Cannabis Candy & Gummies is pretty straightforward. As we mentioned previously, THC & CBD gummies have a slightly higher melting point. So, minor exposure to heat and light won’t be a problem. However, excessive heat will destroy the quality of these edibles. That said, the best way to store your weed gummies is by keeping them in the fridge and sealing them in airtight containers. This will maintain the quality freshness and prevent your weed gummies from melting.  

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