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Buy Indica Strains Online Canada  

Indica flower is native to Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and Turkey. They strive in often harsh, dry and turbulent climates. Unlike sativa, indica plants are short and stocky, with bushy and chunky leaves that grow broad and wide. They tend to grow quicker than sativa and produce more buds overall. Indica strains usually have more CBD; however, THC levels aren’t necessarily less. Due to its relaxing effects, indica is best used when you want to relax or at night timeOther effects commonly associated with indica are pain relief and improved sleep quality. Indica strains are not hard to find since you can buy indica flowers online Canada wide.

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Best Indica Strains

Not all strains are created equally; here are some of the best indica strains ever.

  • Grandaddy Purple Grandaddy Purple is known for its fruity taste and deep purple-coloured patches. This bud is heavily coated in white trichomes, producing a complex grape, earthy and berry aroma. Its parentage includes Mendo Purps, Skunk and Afghanistan strains.  
  • Northern Lights – An indica strain made with Afghani and Thai — is known to be one of the most famous indica strains of all time as it has won multiple awards for its intense aroma and resin-potent buds. It gives off a sweet and spicy flavour profile. 
  • Hindu Kush – Named after the mountain range that stretches between Pakistan and Afghanistan, it’s a pure indica strain that emits sweet and earthy sandalwood aromas. It has compact buds that shine in the light due to its bright white trichome coverage.   

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Positive Effects of Indica Flower 

Indica flower is a worldwide favourite as it provides some of the best effects for users. Here are some of the positive effects associated with indica strains.

  • Its relaxing effects will put you to sleep and, at the same time, improve your sleep quality.
  • Indica strains are calming, which is perfect for relief on those challenging and stressful days.  
  • Increasing appetite while relieving symptoms of nausea.  
  • It relaxes your muscles reduces pain and inflammation. 


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